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Keyboard Shortcuts

Basic Navigation

  • w, a, s, d Moves the camera around the screen. (Can also middle-click with the mouse and drag)
  • +, - Zooms the camera in and out. (Can also use the mousewheel)
  • arrow keys move the selected character one tile in that direction. (Can also drag the character)

Player Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
1 Make the selected character unsheath the weapons/items in loadout slot 1.
2 Make the selected character unsheath the weapons/items in loadout slot 2.
3 Make the selected character unsheath the weapons/items in loadout slot 3.
0 Make the selected character sheath held weapons/items.
<,> Change the selected character’s appearance. (Note: This only works if you are using a character with multiple appearance variations set up in their character sheet.)
F5 Refresh the game. This is very useful if you think there is an error and want to reload the game.
Tab Move to the next token you can control. For the GM this cycles through non-player characters (and monsters) on the current map. For players this cycles through all characters they control on all maps.
c Open the character sheet of the currently selected character.
e Open the emote controls for the currently selected character.
m Open the spells (magic) sheet of the currently selected character.
i Open the inventory screen of the currently selected character.
f Flip the selected character.
Home Center view on the selected character. For the GM it centers on the map if they don’t have a character selected.
Ctrl+z Undo the last command.
Ctrl+y Redo the last command.
Ctrl+m Toggle the measuring tool.
Ctrl+f Find items in the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

GM Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Function
space Freeze the game. This makes it so players cannot move around the map, and is useful if you want them to pause and listen to you. :)
Ctrl+r Request players to make rolls.

Map Editor Keyboard Shortcuts

Key Modes Function
Alt Terrain, Building, Effects Toggles erasing while held down when drawing buildings or terrain.
Ctrl Terrain, Building, Effects Toggles grid snapping while held down when drawing buildings.
Shift Terrain, Building, Effects Toggles on the “eye dropper” tool which lets you pick selected wall, floor, or terrain.
Shift Ellipse Tool Forces the ellipse to be a circle.
Shift Shape Tool Forces lines to draw at fixed angles.
[,] Brush Tool Increase/Decrease current brush size.
r Objects Slightly randomizes rotation, scale (size) of objects you are currently placing. If you have multiple objects selected in the palette, this function will randomize the active object that will be placed. (For example, if you select six different rocks from the palette and press ‘r’ after placing one, this is very useful for placing a bunch of random rocks.)
Ctrl+[,Ctrl+] Objects Move the selected object to the top or bottom compared to other objects overlapping it.
Alt+mousewheel Objects Move between selected objects in the object panel.
Shift+mousewheel Objects Rotate active object.
Ctrl+mousewheel Objects Scale active object.
F6   While held, stops animated objects from moving at their origin. This is useful for easily selecting animated objects.