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Creating a Dockable Panel

DMHub’s main game screen consists of two docks on the left and right side of the screen which panels can be docked with, and a game area in the center.

A typical view of a DMHub game with an empty map area in the center

A Dockable Panel is a panel which can be added to the docks and remain permanently on screen during gameplay. Mods can easily add new dockable panels that users can add to their in-game UI.

Registering a Panel

A dockable panel can be registered with DMHub by using the DockablePanel.Register function. A “Hello world” dockable panel looks like this:

	name = "Hello",
	content = function()
		return gui.Label{
			text = "Hello, World.",
			halign = "center",
			valign = "center",
			width = "auto",
			height = "auto",

This produces a basic panel like this:

A hello world panel

The DockablePanel.Register function accepts a number of additional optional parameters:

  • dmonly (boolean): if true, only the DM can access this panel.
  • icon (string): the icon to show in the menu for the panel. This will normally be given in the form mod.images.iconid where iconid is the name you gave the icon in your mod’s Images tab within the compendium.
  • minWidth / maxWidth (number): the minimum and maximum width of your panel. If these values are the same, your panel will be a fixed size.
  • vscroll (boolean): if true, your panel will automatically have a vertical scrollbar added to it if its contents exceed the available space.

Note that while a dockable panel may have a varying height, it will always have the same width. DMHub has a fixed width for dockable panels to make it easier to design attractive interfaces with a fixed width in mind.

The main effort in writing a dockable panel is in writing the content() function, which must return a DMHub user interface element (that itself may contain more sub-elements). See [[Lua Gui]] for documentation on how to create user interface elements.

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