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Importing Maps

Do you already have a lot of maps and don’t want to go through the trouble of recreating them in DMHub? You don’t have to! By importing a map image as an object, you’ll be able to define where the editor draws the grid and allow you to instantly get up and running in no time.

The Import Map from Image window will walk you through the steps for importing your map image.

  1. Pick a grid square on your map and click one of its corners. Any square will do. You can zoom in and drag the map to pan around. Adjust the point after clicking, placing it in the center of the grid line’s intersection.

  2. Click the opposite corner of the grid square that you chose. This will help DMHub figure out how large the squares on your map are. Adjust that point as well, making sure it’s right at the center of the intersection between the grid lines.

  3. Now choose a square on your map that is a long way from the square you already chose. Something in an opposite corner of the map would work best. Click one of the corners of this new square that you chose. Once again, tweak the position of that point before continuing to the next step.

  4. Review your map and make sure the grid lines line up. Adjust the positions of the three points you placed if needed.

  5. Click Finish to save your changes. Voila! Your map is ready to go.