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Terrain Editor Panel

In DMHub, there are two "channels" when it comes to painting on your map. The first is terrain. The second are buildings. Each have special rules that affect how they work. By default, the Terrain Panel is located on the right side of the screen, represented by the panel icon of a mountain. DMHub is already loaded with plenty of great terrain images to help get you started.

To fill the map’s background, select a terrain you like and click the Fill button to say adios to the cold void!. If you want it back, press Clear to reset the background.

Editing Terrain Tilesheets

To create a new terrain, click on the + icon at the end of the terrain list. To edit an existing terrain, right-click on it and select Edit Tilesheet…. This will bring up the Tilesheet Properties window. You can also select Duplicate Tilesheet to create a new instance of it, Delete Tilesheet to delete it, and Get Tilesheet Image to instantly download that tilesheet’s associated terrain image to your machine.

From the Tilesheet Properties window, you have a number of options at your disposal to customize your terrain. If you ever want to undo your changes, click Undo Changes before closing the window. Likewise, if you want to revert all values to their default state, click Default Values.

Any changes you make to terrain will update all instances of it currently used throughout all maps across the entire campaign. It is therefore recommended to make a new copy of any terrain before you begin editing it.


The name of this asset as it appears in the editor.


Sets the magnification of the image.

Hue Shift

Shifts the hue of the existing image from a value of 0 (default) to 1.


Saturates or desaturates color within the image.


Determines light and dark brightness for the image.


Determines the visual ratio of different light and dark tones for the image.

Is Water

Flags the terrain to be treated as water. Creatures on this terrain will use the current rules for traveling in water.

Difficult Terrain

Flags the terrain to be treated as difficult terrain. Creatures on this terrain will use the current rules for traveling in water.

Distortion Effect

Applies a distortion animation to the current terrain image with adjustable parameters.

  • Horizontal: Controls the amount of horizontal distortion in the animation.

  • Vertical: Controls the amount of vertical distortion in the animation.

  • Scaling: Adjusts the magnitude of the distortion.

  • Speed: Adjusts the rate of distortion.


Scrolls the terrain image along a horizontal and vertical direction.

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