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DMHub Settings

These settings are tied to your account across all DMHub games. You can access this panel from the main menu screen by clicking Settings, or from within the game by clicking on the gear icon at the top horizontal panel.

Upon opening this dialog, there are multiple tabs that control different aspects of the program.


Display Name

The name that will appear to you and others in-game.

Player Color

The color of your display name and other player-specific functions.

Character Sheet Theme

(CURRENTLY UNUSED) This is a planned feature.

Dice Color

The base color of your dice.

Audio Volume

The master volume control for ALL audio.

Developer Mode

Enables debugging and other useful features for modders.

Camera Follows Your Token

Centers the camera on your token when it moves.


Toggles fullscreen or windowed mode.

Scroll Screen When Mouse at Edge

Allows moving the camera by dragging the mouse at the edge of the camera bounds.

Measurement Units

Sets your preferred system of measurement.

Show Movement Radius 🚧


Sets the universal language of DMHub. Whenever a UI element is compatible with the set language, that text will be displayed.

DMHub Version

Allows you to switch to different branches or versions of DMHub. Useful for modders or rolling back to previous versions when needed.

Disable Local Mods

Prevents running code from local mods. Downloaded mods will still function as normal. Useful for modders when debugging, diagnosing, or resolving problems with your code.


These options will control DMHub’s graphical qualities. When experiencing slowdown or running lower end hardware, it can be a good idea to disable one or more of these settings.

High Definition 🚧

Camera Filters 🚧

HDR Rendering 🚧

When enabled, improves effects like bloom, increases color range, and improves overall visual detail. Disable to improve performance and reduce VRAM usage.


Toggles multi-sampled antialiasing. When enabled, jagged edges will be smoothed out. Disable to improve performance.

Lights Cast Shadows

By default, lights will interact with collisions to cast shadows in real-time. Disable to improve performance.

High Definition Textures

When disabled, DMHub will downscale appropriate textures. Disable to improve performance.


This tab displays your current email, as well as your current [Bandwidth Usage].


Options located within this tab affect games in which you are the owner.

Auto-roll all dice 🚧

Dice Speed

How quickly dice are β€œthrown” when rolled.

Auto-Randomize Monster Hitpoints 🚧

Individual monster initiative 🚧

Auto-roll saving throws for monsters 🚧

Hide saving throws for monsters from players 🚧

Instantly roll monster saving throws 🚧

Max. Character Movement Duration 🚧

Character Movement Speed 🚧

Constrain Tokens to Grid 🚧

Map Memory Color 🚧