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Audio Panel

In addition to supporting a wide variety of map editing functions, DMs may also use sound effects, music, and even complete soundscapes in order to further enhance the atmosphere of their settings.

The audio panel consists of five main soundboards that come pre-populated with music and sounds. Of course, the real fun comes with uploading your own, and then assembling them into your own soundboard.

Playing Audio

Controlling audio is simplicity itself. Each file will have an icon you can click to play or stop it, layering as much sound as you desire. Next to the playback icon is a square which represents the color of the sound’s icon in the soundboard. To loop a sound, click the icon on the top left of the file. You can also adjust each file’s individual volume. You can click on the audio file’s header to rename it, and drag files around to reorganize them.

Uploading Audio

To upload audio, click on the + icon next to the search bar on the audio panel. You will be prompted to drag & drop or choose an audio file of the corresponding filetype at the following window. Once it’s uploaded, the audio file will immediately appear in the Sounds folder. Feel free to move it from here by either dragging it to the desired folder, or right-clicking on it and selecting Move to… in order to select a target destination.

Audio Panel